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That’s the genre of the novel I am currently working on. And I have to say, doing the research for it is so much fun! I’m reading Steampunk short stories, short stories about the end of the world, Steampunk magazine (which I highly recommend) and listening to Abney Park. 
It’s gotten to the point where I’m having Steampunk dreams! 
Definitely got to keep a notebook by my bed!

I had such high hopes. After Nanowrimo I missed meeting up with people to write. I missed the creative atmosphere of a bunch of writers feverishly working away in a room, with lots of coffee.
So I decided to put the word out and see if anyone fancied continuing to meet up for writing fun.
I tried to pick the right evening for everyone, a central location so it would be convenient, etc etc. I even added a Saturday afternoon one for people who couldn’t make the evening one.  

Several months later, each meet up it’s me and my friend Paul. Occasionally a couple of other people, but mainly just the two of us. 

I don’r mean to sound ungrateful, I’m glad of the company, even if it is just one person, but I’d just got such positive feedback from the idea I thought the group would grow. 

I don’t get what I’m doing wrong.

Any ideas? 

Hey all,

           Sorry for the long quiet, I’ve never been good at posting regularly. 

So I’ve worked something out. Currently the word count for my novel is 16,500 words. I should be at 20k by the end of next week. And then, if I manage to do 2k a week, I will have reached 50k by October, roughly the length of a novel. So I’ll be ready to start my second draft for Nanowrimo! Ta da! 

Tonight, writing is hard. Really hard. I’ve been working on a synopsis for weeks, and it just feels like I’ve been going over and over it with no real progress. I swear it’s almost stopped making sense now.

I just don’t know if this book’s any good. Especially now I’ve got this synopsis. It’s meant to make things easier, clearer, but things have never been cloudier. I can’t get the chronology straight, I can’t figure out what should go where, and what should happen in-between. I have to get this bloody synopsis finished for a course I’m doing, so I’m feeling very pressured by it.

I tried telling my boyfriend the plot last night, after realizing that despite how much I had talked to him about it. I’d never actually told him the details. It started well, the beginning was clear, then I started stumbling over the order of things. He suggested I go back to the synopsis and get back to him.

I don’t know whether it’s best to try and push through and hate everything I’m writing, or leave it till Thursday, do some writing, and let things simmer.



Evening Writing.

I’ve discovered that I apparently write best in the evening. I’m surprised by this, I would have thought that I would write best in the morning, you know, wake up fresh and full of ideas. But nope, come 8pm or so, out comes the netbook and away I go. I like it, it’s like I’ve managed to become more disciplined somehow. It wasn’t a conscious thing, I think it’s down to my 500 words a day plan.

Today went very well. I managed to write 700 words on a synopsis for a new book I had an idea for the other day.
My Steampunk book has kind-of ground to a halt somewhat recently, which is a problem, as the second assignment of a home study writing course I’m doing is to write an outline and a synopsis of  a novel, and I was going to use the novel for that, but I’ve only gotten as far as chapter four, despite having written 10,000 words. How is this possible?

Managed another 1000 words again today. It’s getting easier again, and I’ve made up for my two days off. I got some help from a friend today, as I fully felt like I’d run out of plot. After talking to him, what I realized is that there is a lot more I can include to make it a more 3-dimensional novel.

So today I worked on some of the back story, which helped.

It’s weird now, I feel like I’m in new territory again. But as my friend reminded me, for a first draft, it doesn’t matter too much what you write, it’s getting the words down on the page that matters. I guess we both learned that from Nanowrimo.

I just don’t want to go off track, and have the book change completely from what it started out as. I’ve already had that happen several times with other projects, and I’m tired of it. I love this idea. I believe I can make a book from this idea, once I have more than four chapters.

So I have the backbone of it almost worked out (scary that, after 10,000 words I still haven’t quite finished the backbone), now I just need to flesh it out.  For one thing, I realized I need more characters. I’ve never liked books with loads of minor characters, but all I have at the moment really are main ones. I need to find the balance.





I did it! 1000 words yesterday. Not sure how I managed it, but i did it!

Actually that’s not quite true. I chose a section I hadn’t written much on and started sort of free writing, grabbing any idea that came along and seeing where it led me. And suddenly, 500 words! So i then did the same with another section. The second one was quite exciting actually, I started work on the ending, the idea being that if I work on the beginning and the end, hopefully the middle will sort of, write itself.
The end is interesting, there’s quite a lot of action, which I haven’t written much of before. Although maybe the action bits should be earlier on, and the end should be the resolution. Hmmm……..

That damn novel

So at the moment I want to throw my netbook at the wall in sheer frustration. I took the (possible) mistake of taking a couple of days off, after a relative passed away. My head wasn’t in a good place.

So now I find myself with 1000 words to do today, and the same tomorrow, and my heart is in my shoes. Because dear friends, I am still struggling with ideas. Turns out the end is’t the hard part, the middle is. It feels like this, currently vacant space, and I’m worried about filling it with junk, or worse, blathering on about rubbish and boring my future audience.

You see the thing is I know the main plot of the story, but I’m not so good at the other details, sub plots, description, that kind of thing. I don’t know how to tell what is a perfectly acceptable subplot that enriches   the whole. and what is just taking up space.

Several people have recommended writing a synopsis of the whole thing, with bullet points, so I’m off to give that a try. Wish me luck!

At first it seemed so easy. 500 words, that’s nothing! I can do that in half an hour! Or so i thought. But now, 10,000 words later, the flow seem to have dried up.
I’m so annoyed! I thought I had the whole thing worked out, beginning to end. Now I’ve realized that I had the beginning and end sorted, just not really the middle. 
And now 500 words is dragging. I find myself watching the word counter and groaning when I realize I’ve only written 89 words, not 250.
Hopefully this is just a tough phase, if I push through hopefully things will get easier.   

Holy Moley, I just checked the current word count of my novel, and Ta daa!:


That beats my total for Nanowrimo last year, and is fast approaching my dissertation total. 

Woo! 🙂